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Mortgage Leads

Real Results = Real Profits!

Excellent Response 1.5%

Mailers 5000
Response Rate 1.5%
Applications Taken/Calls     75
Closing Ratio 15%
Closed/Funded Deals 11-12
Revenue per Deal $3,500
Total Revenue $38,500

Good Response 1%

Mailers 5000
Response Rate 1%
Applications Taken/Calls     50
Closing Ratio 15%
Closed/Funded Deals 7-8
Revenue per Deal $3,500
Total Revenue $24,500

Fair Response 0.75%

Mailers 5000
Response Rate 0.75%
Applications Taken/Calls     37-38
Closing Ratio 15%
Closed/Funded Deals 5-6
Revenue per Deal $3,500
Total Revenue $17,500

*Numbers based off of skill level, suggested top-performing programs and criteria.

At 1st Class Marketing, we specialize in high-quality, pre-screened direct mail campaigns, data lists and campaign tracking. This means that you only receive data for pre-screened and pre-qualified mortgage candidates – your agency can start acquiring new clients and increasing profitability from the word “go”!

The mortgage market is constantly fluctuating and from our experience, many companies have a hard time keeping up! By providing real-time tracking of data, we ensure that you have an accurate snapshot of your current prospects and market climate and we enable you to make on-the-fly adjustments to your operation. This means you’re always one step ahead of your competitors, all the while improving customer interaction and increasing returns.

We specialize in targeted mortgage lead acquisition:

• Cash-Out Refinance – Debt Consolidation

• Conventional / Refinance

• FHA / VA Streamlines

• Purchase – 1st Time Homebuyers

• HARP 2.0

• Reverse

• Jumbo